Econo Seal Announces Completion Of 2,400 MW Power Plant River Intake

EconoSeal was able to finish the entire work scope in four weeks
with a perfect safety record and within budget, reports


(St. Louis, MO)—Econo Seal announced the completion of a 2,400 MW river
intake for a local power plant. Project details are as follows:
The Power Plant operates a warm water discharge pipe in the Missouri River at
the intake structure in order to prevent ice buildup on trash racks and to warm
water entering the condenser during cold weather. The pipe is approximately
165' in length, ranges in diameter from 6'-6" at the center to 4' at each end and is
fed from the plant circ water system. After the original installation, the plant
added a 24" discharge line on the upstream side of the warming line to push river
debris off the trash racks. The piping has outlet holes on the bottom where
warmed water is discharged into the river.

The Problem:
The pipe is typically fully immersed in the river but when river levels are low can
be fully exposed. Over its service life, the pipe has suffered significant corrosion
both externally and internally. While particularly bad at welds, the entire pipe had
lost substantial wall thickness and many welded areas were corroded completely
through. The largest gap was between the warming line and the discharge pipe,
where 37" of steel was completely corroded away.
The plant planned to replace the pipe with either carbon or stainless steel in the
same configuration and solicited bids for this work. In discussing unrelated work
with Econo Seal, their team suggested the plant consider using carbon fiber in
lieu of replacement. While there was interest in this approach, there were
concerns about whether a carbon fiber solution was viable and, more importantly,
whether it could be considered replacement and thus capitalized.

Econo Seal worked with plant engineering, operations, and accounting to
develop a "full replacement value" carbon fiber solution that could be largely
completed with the pipe fully immersed in the river and that was determined to be
an "abandoned in place" replacement by accounting and thus a capital project.
The carbon fiber option was less than 1/3 the cost of steel replacement and
offered a five-week installation schedule vs. 2+ years for a replacement.
The Solution:

Working with their engineering partners, Econo Seal developed a carbon fiber
design that used the remaining host pipe as a mold for a full replacement value
carbon fiber pipe that was designed to take all internal and external loading of the
original carbon steel pipe. This included transitioning from an internal
replacement in the warm water pipe to an external replacement of the discharge
line without relying on the remaining host pipe for any structural capacity.
Because of schedule and capital spending issues, the plant awarded the contract
in late November and needed the project finished by December 31. Econo Seal
completed design work in 5 days while mobilizing the site and began work in
early December.

As the project progressed, temperature forecasts indicated river temperatures
dipping below 36 degrees F, which presented the possibility of "trickle ice"
forming in the river and blocking the intake, potentially shutting down all four
units. Econo Seal was requested to accelerate the schedule and, despite working
in below freezing temperatures for the duration of the project completed the work
eight days ahead of the original schedule - just before river temperatures dipped
below 36 and the plant was forced to put the warming line back in service.
The Results:

Econo Seal, which specializes in Industrial Composites and Coatings, used a
permeation-resistant topcoat. Advantages of the composite solution included a
much shorter schedule, lower plant impact, lower cost, and the construction
materials not being subject to corrosion, thus providing a longer life-cycle with
little or no maintenance.
Despite the severe schedule, weather issues and multiple safety complications
related to open water, confined space, use of accelerants and large-scale
heaters, Econo Seal completed the entire work scope in four weeks with a
perfect safety record and within budget.

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