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Econo Seal Inc. provides one of a kind unique services that encompass process safety management and advanced automation resources. With in-house engineering options, our skills are leveraged to produce results.

Client List

Client List

Over our extensive span of work, we have gained many clients. Our clients, Fortune 500 companies, would like us to keep their name confidential however we are very happy to give references upon request.  

Safety Affiliations

Safety Affiliations

We provide specialized and high-grade leak sealing, online leak repair, line freezing services and related engineering services to Power Utility companies.


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Online Leak Sealing

Econo Seal Inc was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing the best and the safest services to our clients.  We specialize in critical repairs in the power, industrial and nuclear sector.  Our repairs range from on-line leak sealing to a variety of industrial coatings.  We have a team of specialized engineers and top trained technicians to ensure each repair keeps our customers up and running.

 Being a smaller family operated business, they still service every area of small and large industries. Our 24-hour service helps ease business pains because repairs are made while still under pressure, any day or night at any time. This helps ease our customer's worry because Econo Seal Inc. will help increase plant productivity, long or unneeded shutdowns as well as a safe work environment.

While we still deliver the same great services, we have added hot tapping service as well as cryogenic line plugging. Over the past 20 years, our client portfolio has grown to include some prestigious names. Econo Seal Inc. are the people you contact when you want jobs done right and on time, we provide strong, reliable, and safe service.

While we take any clients, we have been lucky enough to gain some large Fortune 500 companies in our portfolio. Out of respect, we only produce our portfolio upon request.

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Industrial Storage Tank Solutions

Econo Seal specializes in industrial coatings for any size company looking for a full-service provider.   Our reputation for being a reliable company has paved our way to success across the Midwest.  Our certified specialist provides our clients with the quality and dependability our customers have grown to expect.

Industrial Cleaning Services:  Having the most up to date gives our experienced team the ability to clean in all types of environments. If you have an above ground or underground storage tank, our storage tank cleaning service can be of assistance.

  • Sumps,
  • Separators
  • Pressured Vessels

Certified Tank Inspections:  Econo seal provides tank testing from a single fuel station tanks to a field built tank farm.  Our storage tank inspection service is perfect for any above ground or underground storage tanks.

Coating and Linings:   Getting a high-performing, protective coatings system is Econo Seals Speciality.  Econo Seal provides protection to all of your assets made of concrete and steel with; industrial paint protection, storage tank lining, or tank repair solutions.  Our experts have years of experience in coatings experience which is why they have great specification methods.

Industrial Coatings

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Industrial Leak Repair

Under-Pressure Leak Sealing 

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