Coatings Solutions For Protection

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We provide the list of repair work:

  • Concrete Repair work
  • Tank Linings
  • Tank Repair work
  • Pipeline Support
  • Secondary Containment
  • Chilling Towers
  • Sump Pits

Step 1: Classify Application

We use 3 broad categories in this step to classify the type: • Dry Conditions (such as columns). • Condensing Vapors/Splash (such as walls, roof surfaces). • Continuous Immersion (such as tanks).

Step 2: Physical Constraints

Each application is constrained by temperature extremes, acidic versus alkaline chemistry, abrasion, and other exposures. Each of these must be defined and used to select materials

Step 3: Economic Constraints

The solution must fit the life cycle needed, costs must be aligned with benefits and budgets

Coating & Lining Options:

Econo Seal has access to extensive testing on coatings and related products to verify properties and to develop detailed field installation procedures that include manufacturers recommendations. Depending on the specific coating selected for an application, Econo Seal is fully certified in the following types of installation equipment that may be required: • Rolled and sprayed-on products. • Heated Plural Component sprayers. • Flame-gun applied products.


Each of our projects offers unique challenges and requires extreme attention to detail. Whether the result of the project is structural reinforcement, chemical containment or continued plant operation, the quality of our installations has enormous life safety, environmental and economic impact. To meet these demands, we utilize a detailed system of engineering review, detailed project instructions, and both in-house and third party quality control inspection. Each crew is equipped with state of the art equipment for monitoring project conditions, and performing inprocess and final inspections.


The ultimate measure of a construction company is performing. Completing projects on time, on a budget, to specification and with zero accidents is always the goal at Next. We rely on a skilled, trained and experienced workforce to achieve consistently high standards in field performance. To back up our site operations, we have invested heavily in information technology, material science and testing, and state of the art communication systems. Each project undergoes a complete review before the first boots are on site. This review includes safety issues, schedule, material handling, and logistics. During the review, metrics are established for continuous measurement of project progress in each key area.

Case Study By Econo Seal

Project: The eight Cooling Tower Basins were all experiencing wall cracking and leaks. The initial cause of the cracking was determined to be inadequate horizontal reinforcing allowing shrinkage cracks to appear. A seismic event furthered the opening of the cracks. There had been numerous attempts to address the problem by either patching or injection. These repairs had met with limited success for a variety of reasons with most of the cracks continuing to leak.

Composite Solution: Apply CFRP composite materials to repair/stitch cracks and to strengthen walls in place of rebar. Engineering established the number of materials needed for seismic and structural requirements. The repair included; clean and remove damaged concrete, seal leaks, treat and apply carbon fiber to crack areas, and finally, to apply carbon fiber to wall surfaces. The repaired system was then coated with UV protection.

Results: The basins have been completely rehabilitated by this comprehensive repair. The solution brought each basin into compliance with seismic and structural requirements. The final result provides long-term structural integrity and repairs leaks permanently

Use of Top-notch Coatings and Composites

At Econo Seal Inc., we make it an indicate utilize just the finest quality finishes and composites for all our tasks. We understand that utilizing inferior items will not just jeopardize the security of our customer's workers, however likewise trigger them substantial earnings losses and damages to their centers.
When it concerns composites, for instance, we utilize basalt materials to carry out structural repair works on locations that demand making use of non-conductive products. Our basalt materials are geared up with an insulator versus noise and temperature level and do not wick unlike other products. In addition, we utilize bi-directional carbon fiber for support of beams, replacement of rebars, and repair works of fractures in concrete surface areas. Carbon materials are our products of option for structural repair works and blast hardening of flooring pieces, columns, beams, pipelines, and tanks. And lastly, we likewise utilize glass materials that consist of S-glass and E-glass. These materials are utilized in axial confinements and for applications that need lower strength products.

Applications of Coatings and Composites

There are some particular applications of coverings and composites with some genuinely exceptional advantages. For one, they are utilized in acid containment and security versus structural and surface area damages. In addition, they can be utilized in concrete tank lining (where a high acid-resistant security is needed), steel tank lining (quick treating home permits the tank to be partly functional even while repair work is underway), and tank home columns (the finish works as a protective representative versus brief immersion and sulfuric-based electrolyte splash).
On the other hand, the finishings and composites that we use are chemical and rust resistant and have high sustainability rankings. Unlike expensive steel and concrete products, composites and coverings are extremely economical and budget-friendly. They are an extremely affordable option to prevent downtime and total replacement of properties.


Trust in the Professionals In Coatings and Composites

Econo Seal Inc. is the business to call if you require individuals who are specialists in the appropriate usage and application of coverings and composites. It is our guarantee to utilize just the very best products to make sure optimal security in your centers and assurance absolutely no disturbance in your operations. Call us now at 314- 846-6657 so we can discuss your requirements and upkeep issues.

We Provide Services In
MO, KS, IL, IN, KY, TN & Surrounding Regions:

Industrial Leak Repair

Under-Pressure Leak Sealing 

Line Freezing Services